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My hateful part-time job

I finally found a part-time, waitressing in a Chinese Resturant. It is been 5 days now, I have to say, I am fucking hate it!

The owner’s wife is definately hate me as much as I hate this fucking job. She scold me whenever there is a mistake, and me only.

I am quiting for sure, not now, but the time when I can do everything perfectly, I will fire myself.

A 24 yr old bachlor degree holder washing dish for 8 dollar per hour, I have to say sorry for my parents and shot myself.

I am not that type of person who is picky about heavy and dirty job, but the owner’s wife just simply dislike me.

But I have to say that I didn’t do my best for this part time thing, because I don’t like it.

I am stong, I can make it. I will let you beg me to work there and still I will leave eventually.