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My hateful part-time job

I finally found a part-time, waitressing in a Chinese Resturant. It is been 5 days now, I have to say, I am fucking hate it!

The owner’s wife is definately hate me as much as I hate this fucking job. She scold me whenever there is a mistake, and me only.

I am quiting for sure, not now, but the time when I can do everything perfectly, I will fire myself.

A 24 yr old bachlor degree holder washing dish for 8 dollar per hour, I have to say sorry for my parents and shot myself.

I am not that type of person who is picky about heavy and dirty job, but the owner’s wife just simply dislike me.

But I have to say that I didn’t do my best for this part time thing, because I don’t like it.

I am stong, I can make it. I will let you beg me to work there and still I will leave eventually.


Lonely Christmas

Oh my God, I was totally alone yesterday which was the Christmas of 2008.

But very peaceful….

Thanks God..

I enjoyed….I wanna write some more, but it is unnessecery I guess.

I am happy, totally.

Russian everywhere

Strangely, since I started learning Russian, I found Russian is everywhere. <Sex and the city> season6, Carries fell in with a Russian guy; <Rocknrolla> is talking about Russian ganster; the bad guy in <Quantum Of Solace> is Russian; even the story of <Get Smart> is happened in Russia, whatelse could possibilly escape the cursed word “Russian”?????

It just piss me off……………very very much…..

Absofuckinglutely bored

I am so fucking bored…seems the furious cold war with SB couldn’t help neither.

And I pretended I didn’t care. Well, this time SB  doesn’t wanna confess , which is unusual and that added  some credit to him actually. But still, he is disgusting and annoying. Maybe this time is it, i finally don’t have to bear the “dislike-him-however-doesn’t-wanna-hurt-his-feeling-bla-bla-bla” burden.

However, I feel so alone here. If a guy says likes you can only give you such little caring, how about others who only remained in a friendship? I guess I have to admit it that I don’t really have a friend here. Well, or my definition towards “friend” is no longer the same as it was in high school. Friends are not baby setter, are not secret keepers, neither the one who listening to your craps all the time and give opinions at the appropriate time. They are just….I dont’t know, a mate who’d like to go to clubing with you, a gal who drink with you, a someone who have lunch or dinner with you. They are just playmates then, and even better, you don’t have to consider their feelings, too.

But I hated it. Like I hated myself so easily fall for it, and trust a person so fucking quickly….

What a Grown-up world….

Anyway, I pasted Elva’s new photo shot up, she looks fabulous, which made my day.